About Our Services

No more complex procedures to obtain a loan. Credit Yamaska has an easy and quick solution for you! It only takes 5 minutes! After all, we are here to help you simplify your life, not to complicate it further. The application can be done on our website: www.credityamaska.com via the Facebook application or by phone at 1-877-534-1999 and sending documents by fax: 1-877-652-1998.

  • No hidden fees: Unlike others, our rates include all fees that apply to loans. With us, there are no hidden fees. We believe that it is essential to have an honest relationship with our customers therefore we have nothing to hide or deceive from them.
  • Higher Amounts: It is now possible to have a loan of $1000 accessible by gradual increases of $ 100 with the obligation of previous impeccable loans*
  • Personalized payment: Depending on your pay frequency, you will have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments, on a period of 90 days.
  • Faster reimbursement: If you reimburse your loan faster, you can benefit of a 10% discount on your loan. Please call us for more details.
  • Missed and delayed payments: All missed payments will be delayed to the end of your contract, and will incur a fee of $40 for insufficient funds. For a postponed payment, fees of $25.00 will be deferred to the end of your contract. Please note that you must contact us at least 48h in advance to postpone a payment.
  • Annual credit rate: 15.47% as well as the associated costs (brokerage fees, investigation fees, administration fees) for a total of 55.00% annually. A reduction of 5.00% is granted if all the payments are made following the terms of the contract
  • Responsible Collections: The recovery department will make payment arrangement with you while taking into consideration your current situation. Please take note that any legal expenses incurred to recover the debt will be charged at the expense of the borrower.
  • Warning: If you use the short-term loan for a financial emergency that may be a good solution for you. However, we recommend informing yourself at your financial institution, their interest rates are lower. Please be responsible.

More information about the loan request

To be admissible, these are the eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 years old and over;
  • Hold a steady job for at least 4 months;
  • Be paid by direct deposit;
  • Work in the province of Quebec;
  • Not being under an undischarged bankruptcy or a unsatisfied customer proposal or about to be;
  • Have a constant net salary :
  • Minimum of $270 per week ($540 biweekly) for a $500 loan.
  • Minimum of $324 per week ($648 biweekly) for a $600 loan.
  • Minimum of $378 per week ($756 biweekly) for a $700 loan.

You can apply on Facebook , online by visiting our Loan Application page, by calling us at 1-877-534-1999 or by e-mail: info@credityamaska.com

Required Documents:

  • Last four weeks bank statement
  • Last full pay stub
  • Identity proof : copy of your driving licence or health insurance card
  • Void sample check or automatic withdrawal authorization form from your bank
  • Signed contract